Chroma Gel Essentials Kit

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The Chroma Gel Essentials Kit is the ultimate collection of products you need for a flawless gel polish treatment. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to prepare and enhance your nails, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

With the Chroma Gel Essentials Kit, you can achieve salon-quality gel polish manicures effortlessly. The key features and benefits of this kit include:

  • Chroma Gel antiseptic spray: Remove dust after buffing and thoroughly cleanse your nails, creating a clean and smooth canvas for gel polish application.
  • Chroma Gel Cuticle Oil: Moisturize your nails and gel, nourishing and hydrating them for a healthy and vibrant appearance. You can also recommend it to your customers for at-home use between treatments.

Additionally, this kit includes:

  • Chroma Gel soak off remover (150ml): Gently saturate and remove gel polish, ensuring a safe and efficient removal process.
  • Chroma Gel 100/180 buffer: Prep your nails and eliminate shine, allowing for better adhesion and longer-lasting gel polish.
  • Chroma Gel 80/80 grit file: Easily break the seal when it's time to soak off the gel polish. This file can be washed and sterilized, making it a durable and reusable tool.

Trust the Chroma Gel Essentials Kit to provide you with excellent results. Whether you're a professional nail technician or an enthusiast, this kit is perfect for achieving salon-quality gel polish manicures effortlessly.