Sculpting Gel Kit

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Introducing the Sculpting Gel Kit - the perfect solution for stunning, professional nail enhancements.

This kit includes everything you need to get started with sculpting gel, ensuring gorgeous, thin, light, and natural-looking nails. It's a versatile clear self-leveling builder nail gel that professional nail techs can work with to form tips, sculpt nails, and even serve as a base gel. With its added strength and support, it reinforces and creates flexible and resilient nails.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Chroma Sculpting Gel: Clear and shiny, this gel provides added strength and support for weaker nails.
  • Sculpting Gel Bonder: Enhances adhesion and prolongs the lifespan of nail enhancements.

The Sculpting Gel Kit also includes Gel Cleanser, Remover, Antiseptic Spray, Finishing touch top coat, Size 8 Sculpting Brush, 80/80 File, 220/220 File, 300/300 Buffer, and 100/180 File. With this comprehensive set, you'll have the tools necessary for achieving beautiful, salon-worthy nails.

Curing in both UV and LED lamps, this kit offers versatility and convenience. Please note that curing times can vary depending on the power of your lamp. A separate lamp is required for curing.


  • Clear self-leveling builder nail gel
  • Can be used for tips, sculpting, and as a base gel
  • Reinforces and creates flexible and resilient nails

Get started on creating stunning nail enhancements with the Sculpting Gel Kit. Elevate your nail artistry and indulge in the possibilities of flawless, natural-looking nails.