UV Cabinet Steriliser Professional Salon Sterilization Box Beauty Disinfector Machine, Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Device Tattoo Nipper Nail Sterilizing Equipment

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UV Steriliser for disinfecting tools and other items without using liquids. Fast easy sterilisation and sanitising.

  • Safe and Efficient Steriliser: - UV Steriliser Cabinet with Ozone can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. Reflective glass provides 360° protection. Disinfection in 8 minutes.
  • EASY TO USE - Professional UV Steriliser Box With Ozone has a single button switch control. Built-in Quartz UV Lamp.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Ultraviolet Lamp Disinfection Sterilisation made of engineering materials, Mirror stainless steel which is temperature resistant. Special door protection switch, protect the operator from the damage of ultraviolet light. No secondary pollution, efficient and mild, safer and more thorough, energy saving, can be reusable and long term used.
  • Multipurpose - Professional UV Disinfection Device for tools such as Combs, toothbrushes, towels, mobile phones, kitchen supplies, beauty/hair equipment, medical appliances, hair extensions.
  • Used in: Households, refectory, offices, washrooms, schools, hotels, beauty/ nail salon, skin care centres, barbershops, quarantine areas, gymnasium, spa, kitchens and hospitals.
Sku: UV-209B

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