Our top 5 nail designs this Christmas

Festive nail designs for your salon

We have collected some inspirational images from around the world which are simple to re create, look lovely and discover the most popular nail colour and design for Christmas 2015.


 No.5 Snow man inspired nails, very sweet and festive easily  created with silver polish or gel and white tips. Paint the snow and snowman, then accent with black gel polish and red to bring it all together.






No.4 Blue french nails with snow flakes and snow drops on the accent nails is festive yet simple, by changing the tip colour you can create a number of different effects.






No.3 This french manicure can be created by using the hombre technique with just gold gel polish on the tip and hand painted white and silver stripes. Seal you nail art with Chroma Gel Finishing Touch.













No.2 Gold Christmas nails, painted with holly leaves and red nail gems as the berries, very smart and affective.
No.1 Most popular nails for christmas has to be RED nails. 
These designs are easily re created by painting the nails red, then with the use of a dotting tool, stripping pen and white nail art paint or gel you can design your snow flakes and snow drops on all the nails or just one.


All you need is the right red your client wants and they will love this design. And don't forget to seal your gel polish nail art, with Chroma Gel No Wipe Top Coat





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