Chroma Gel | Advanced | Polish to Gel

Discover the transformative power of Chroma Gel Advanced | Polish to Gel collection. This innovative range brings ordinary nail polish to a whole new level with its long-lasting and glossy gel finish. With the Chroma Gel Advanced Kit, you have everything you need to create stunning gel-like nails at home. Enhance your manicures with the Chroma Gel Finishing Touch | Top Coat, ensuring a professional and durable result every time. Our specially designed nail gel brushes, such as the Chroma Gel Advanced Nail Gel Brush in Size 4 and the Chroma Gel Round Nail Gel Brush in Size 8, guarantee precise application for flawless results. Maximize the wear time of your gel nails with Chroma Gel Bonder and Acid Free Primer, providing excellent adhesion and longevity. Experience luxurious nail care with Chroma Gel Oleum, a nourishing nail oil that keeps your nails healthy and moisturized. Complete your nail routine with our Antiseptic Sanitizing Spray, designed to disinfect hands, phone cases, and surfaces. Wrap up your gel manicure with the Chroma Gel Cleanser, leaving your nails looking fresh and clean. Elevate your nail polish game with Chroma Gel Advanced | Polish to Gel and enjoy stunning, salon-worthy nails that last!

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