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1Step FAQs

Q: Do I need a base coat?

A: No - Chroma Gel 1STEP has a base coat built right into the formulation.


Q: Do I need to prep the nail?

A: Yes - a good basic prep is always recommended, as this will reduce the chance of any chipping and peeling.


Q: You have a 1STEP "No Wipe Top Coat" - What's this for if it's 1STEP?

A: We have a Top Coat for technicians who need it for nail art, manicure and for their clients who need extra strength.


Q: Why has mine chipped?

A: Make sure you shake the bottle before application as the formula can separate in the bottle and not work to it's optimal performance.

Your 1st coat must be thin, and cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp to help prevent chipping. 


Q: Why is mine peeling?

A: Make sure you shake the bottle before application as the formula can separate in the bottle and not work to it's optimal performance. 

If your client picks at the nails then they will peel off, especially if your clients nails are slightly thin or damaged. You could add Chroma Gel Bonder to aid with the longevity, remember this is not necessary only in some cases.


Aftercare is the key to your clients nails lasting.

Explain to your client that Chroma Gel 1STEP is a soft semi permanent gel polish and recommend the following aftercare steps.

1. Don't treat you nails as tools.

2. Try to wear gloves when cleaning or gardening.

3. Apply Chroma Gel Oleum every other day.

4. Do not pick or bite at your nails.

5. If your nail breaks it is more than likely the Chroma Gel will chip as the natural nail is broken.

6. Chroma Gel 1STEP will protect the nail, however if you break your nail it may not stop all breaks from happening.


Q: How long will a full set of Chroma Gel 1STEP last?

A: Normally Up to 14 days in some cases even longer - This will depend on how you look after them.


Q: How long does it take to apply a set of Chroma Gel 1STEP?

A: 15 - 20 minutes depending on how much prep there is to do. ( We've seen it done in under 10 minutes ;P)


Q: How long should it take to remove Chroma Gel 1STEP?

A: 10 - 15 minutes with the wrapping method using our soak off remover. You can file it off but it is not recommended.


Q: Will Chroma Gel 1STEP  stain my nails?

A: No - as there is a base coat formulated in the gel, however in extreme cases of truly damaged nails it may take longer to soak off, but we have never seen it stain.