Our story so far....

In the competitive world of the nail industry, Chroma Gel stands out as an innovative and forward-thinking brand. Our story began with a dedicated family team that embraced unconventional ideas when it came to gel polish. Led by Katerina Mylona, a seasoned nail technician with over 20 years of experience, we set out to revolutionize the industry.

Our journey was not without challenges. Years of testing and sourcing the right materials were crucial to perfecting our formula. There were moments of failure and setbacks, but we persevered. After two years of extensive research and development, we created a breakthrough formula that transformed ordinary nail polish into long-lasting gel polish. Chroma Gel Advanced was born, fulfilling technicians' dreams and giving new purpose to unused nail polishes.

But we didn't stop there. We recognized the need for a fast and efficient gel polish application process. After months of brainstorming and fine-tuning, we introduced Chroma Gel 1 Step. This game-changing product could be applied like regular nail polish but had the durability and longevity of gel polish. It eliminated the need for base and top coats, as well as the bothersome sticky inhibition layer. Salons worldwide embraced Chroma Gel 1 Step, enabling them to provide gel polish services more efficiently than ever before.

At Chroma Gel, our dedication to the industry goes beyond product innovation. We are committed to continually pushing boundaries and developing exciting and inspiring new products. We understand the importance of creativity and passion in this industry, and we strive to support it with our cutting-edge solutions. While we may experience failures along the way, they only serve to strengthen our determination to deliver on our promise of excellence.