1 Step Guide

Here's a quick guide to applying 1 Step.

1 Step is very simple and straight forward to apply, it is fast and durable and perfect for people in a hurry with busy lifestyles.

Firstly there is no need to use a bonder, primer or even gel cleanser to wipe any sticky residue off. You don't need a base gel or even a top coat.

 Here's the STEP by STEP

1. Spray the nail with Chroma Gel antiseptic spray and dry the nail.
2. Paint a thin coat of 1 step and cure:
Cure time : LED 30 seconds
Cure time: UV 120 seconds
3. Paint a second coat of 1 Step colour and cure:
Cure time: Led 60 seconds
Cure time: UV 120 seconds

You need a minimum 12W LED Lamp to cure 1 Step or 36W UV lamp.

Thats it all done xx


MSDS - Download

Chroma Gel 1 Step Information