Antiseptic Sanitising Spray 70% Alcohol for hands, phone cases and Surfaces - 100ml

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Introducing the Antiseptic Sanitising Spray 70% Alcohol - the ultimate solution for clean hands, phone cases, and surfaces. This 100ml bottle is a must-have for anyone who values hygiene and cleanliness.

Our advanced formulation is designed to effectively sanitise and protect. With a powerful 70% alcohol content, it effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses - including the flu and coronavirus. You can trust our antiseptic sanitising spray to keep you and your surroundings safe.

What sets our product apart from the rest? Here are just a few key features and benefits:

  • Multi-purpose use: Whether you need to sanitise your hands, phone cases, or surfaces, our spray is versatile enough to handle it all. It's the perfect solution for maintaining cleanliness wherever you go.
  • Enhanced adhesion: Our antiseptic cleanser also aids in better product adhesion. When used on nails, it dehydrates and removes impurities, ensuring a flawless application.

With ingredients like Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) and Methylethylkeyton, our sanitising spray is not only effective but also safe for use. We understand the importance of quality and have formulated our product to meet the highest standards.

This Antiseptic Sanitising Spray is an essential tool for nail technicians and individuals who prioritize cleanliness. Stay protected, stay healthy, and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Product Specifications:

  • Bottle size: 100ml
  • Alcohol content: 70%
  • Ingredients: Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol), Methylethylkeyton, Aqua