Chroma Gel | Gel Cleanser

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Introducing the Chroma Gel | Gel Cleanser, your go-to solution for keeping your nails fresh and clean. Say goodbye to sticky residue left behind by gel polish, base coats, and top coats with this powerful cleanser. No more leftover tackiness or inhibition layer to worry about.

Not only does the Chroma Gel | Gel Cleanser effectively eliminate sticky buildup, but it also leaves your nails with a brilliant glossy shine. Achieve a salon-quality look every time with the professional finish it provides.

  • Removes sticky residue from gel polish, base coats, and top coats
  • Leaves your nails with a brilliant glossy shine

With its low odor, this gel cleanser offers a pleasant and comfortable nail session for both you and your clients. Working with it is a pleasure, without any overwhelming or upsetting scents.

Designed to work with all brands of nail gel and gel polish, the Chroma Gel | Gel Cleanser is a versatile option for any professional nail technician. No matter your preferred products, this cleanser delivers exceptional results.

Note: This product is available only in the UK.

If you're searching for a gel cleanser that effortlessly removes sticky residue and provides a gorgeous glossy shine, look no further than the Chroma Gel | Gel Cleanser. Its powerful formula ensures a clean and polished nail finish, while its low odor creates a pleasant environment during your nail sessions. Compatible with all nail gel and gel polish brands, this versatile cleanser guarantees exceptional results for nail technicians in the UK.