Keep your hands soft this winter by following these simple steps!!!

The winter weather can take a toll on your hands. Trying to keep your hands soft can be a challenge for some of us. Following these simple steps may help to keep your hands and nails soft and supple.

1. Moisturise - always moisturise especially after washing your hands, this will help keep your hands hydrated. Remember to apply your moisturiser throughout the day, you can keep one in your bag, by the sink and even next to your bed.

2. Don't forget your cuticles - keep your cuticle oil by your bed, this will help you remember to moisturise your cuticles every day. Invest in a good quality cuticle oil that will really hydrate them and prevent them from cracking. Apply your cuticle oil at bed time, paint it round the cuticle and massage in, then apply your hand moisturiser, this is a great treatment to give yourself to help relax as well as keeping your hands and nails supple.

3. Wear a pair of gloves - this will help protect your skin from the elements and help keep the moisture from escaping.

4. Wash your hands less!! Water dehydrates - Absolutely wash your hands when needed, however if you can reduce the times you need to wash your hand or keep them out of water then do it., like when washing up, gardening or colouring your hair always try to wear gloves as this will most definitely reduce the times you need to wash your hands and reduced the length of time your hands need to be in water.

5. Sling the Soap and Antibacterial gels - Our world may be full of germs but alcohol based soaps dry out the skin, causing skin ageing and irritation, look for sulphate free cleansers and gentle cleansers that will help wash the germs and muck off while looking after your skin at the same time.


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