Super Katy at the Superbowl

Sunday nights superbowl extravaganza was amazing as Katy Perry performed live at half time with the surprise appearance from Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravits it is quoted to be "the best in super bowl history".

Katie had four outfit changes, there was one electric giant tiger, Missy, Kravits and some dancing sharks what nails did she have to suit all of this I hear you proclaim?

Well none other then a classic red lip with matching short red nails, just proving red nails are a great choice to go with so many outfits and colours.

We have searched and found some super bowl nail art, we love it what do you think?


you can create this same colour scheme with Chroma Gel green gel polish, trending with green, Truffles for Tea for the brown american footballs, and finally to accent with French White.


We cant wait to see next years half time show and well be ready with our nails :) 


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