Chroma Gel - everything you need to know

The Chroma Gel brand and products began development in 2010 by one of our skilled technicians who wanted to bring something new and exciting to the industry that could have the potential to benefit all technicians and salons in some way.
The birth of Chroma Gel Advanced our signature product:

With the forever evolving price wars that are continuously taking place amongst salons across the country we wanted to develop a range that could potentially increase revenue to the maximum without having to compromise on quality.

This is when the idea was set out to create our signature product Chroma Gel Advanced which was painstakingly developed after 2 years of research and development. We are proud to say that Chroma Gel Advanced successfully allows the skilled technician to use any nail polish they own and convert it into a gel polish which will last a minimum of 14 days.

What do you need to create a successful 2 week Chroma Gel manicure?

1. Chroma Gel Antiseptic spray - Used for cleaning the hands and nails before starting a treatment.

An easy and non offensive way to clean your clients hands without asking them "Please can you wash your hand before we start". However if you feel that their hands look dirty then you are right to request that your client washes their hand with soap and water before starting. Just spraying them will not be enough to clean the visible dirt off. Our antiseptic spray is affective and perfect for just making sure everything is ready before you start your treatment, using this product will put your mind at ease and the clients mind at ease.

We have also suggested that this product can be used to clean your work surfaces, mirrors and tools, it can also be sprayed on implements and files after sterilisation and before or during the treatment to remove any airborne bacteria or dirt that may land on your tools. Read the reviews on our site for this product

2. Chroma Gel 100-180 grit buffer - A soft to medium grit, high quality sponge buffer. The sponge design allows the technician to apply as much pressure to the nail to remove the natural shine off of the nail without damaging it.

This is the perfect tool to remove shine from your nail and create a perfect foundation for a Chroma Gel manicure. It can even be used to seal the free edge of the natural nail when buffed in one direction with a bevelling technique applied using the finer side which is the 180 grit side.

3. Chroma Gel Acid Free Primer - Gently dehydrates and removes any oils or impurities sitting on the nail which need to be eliminated before application.

A great versatile liquid which just needs to be applied with the applicator brush and left to evaporate in an instance. The client will notice a cold feeling to their fingers for no longer then 1-2 seconds. It will leave the nail plate looking white and dry. Chroma gel Acid Free Primer can be used in conjunction with various other treatment, for example if you apply it before you paint on normal nail polish you may find that the polish manicure may last longer than usual. It is a universal item and can be applied as a prep product for many other brands too.

4. Chroma Gel Bonder - Do you need it?? 

Absolutely YES an essential for a Chroma Gel Advanced manicure. Without using this product your Chroma Gel nails are more likely to chip at the free edge.

You must apply Chroma Gel Bonder only to the free edge of the natural nail, this is a key step in the application of Chroma Gel Advanced, because it will turn the soak off gel into a non soak off gel, so if you apply this amazing product to the whole nail plate you will not be able to soak it off when it comes to removal!!! ahhhh exactly, this is not what we want. We want this product used correctly and efficiently, all that means is to apply 1 brush stroke across the free edge. This will evaporate after application, and it has done its job.

When it comes to removal you will have filed the free edge to reshape or shorten and this will remove the bonder and allow the Chroma Gel manicure to soak off nice an quickly. Some technicians have used this with all their other gel treatments however other bonders are not suitable to use with Chroma Gel Advanced.

5. Chroma Gel Advanced  - Turns your nail polish into gel polish WOW !!! is what I hear you say.

You need a glass dappen dish, Chroma Gel brush and your desired nail polish.

The basic broken down application is shown below

 For full applications instructions please click here.

Chroma Gel Advanced can be used on its own just as a gel overlay without mixing any nail polish to it. Just simply follow the instructions taking out the mixing part, at this point you will just add clear coats to suit desired thickness. 

6. Chroma Gel Cleanser - removes the sticky inhibition layer left on the nail after curing.

Available in 500ml and 150ml bottles, this cleanser can be used on most gel products and certainly recommended to be used on Chroma Gel Advanced and Finishing Touch.

7. Chroma Gel buffer 300-300 grit - Used to remove the shine off the Chroma Gel Advanced base layer.

It is essential to use this grit to buff the Chroma Gel Advanced because this specially designed sponge buffer will remove the shine and smooth the surface of the Chroma Gel Advanced preparing it for the colour application, If a different buffer was used then you would expect for the Chroma Gel manicure to lift prematurely or thinned out too much.

This buffer can also be used on the natural nail before shining or before polish application with the added advantage of being used to seal the free edge of the natural nail.

8. Chroma Gel Finishing Touch - Used to finish and seal in the Chroma Gel Advanced manicure.

This unique LED and UV curing top gel is easy to apply and use. It does not soak off so when it comes to removal you will need to buff this layer off with the Chroma Gel 80 grit file before you start soaking.

Chroma Gel Finishing Touch is all we recommend to be used on Chroma Gel Advanced nails as it has been tried and tested to longevity and durability. Chroma Gel Finishing Touch can be applied over acrylic nails if desired once polished and dried fully, as this will give the affect of gel polish on acrylic nails and reduce fading or discolouration of the polish.

9. Chroma Gel Oleum - Nourishing nail oil to be applied at the end of the treatment.

Use this nourishing oil, enriched with almond and coconut oil to condition the Chroma Gel manicure at the end of each treatment.

You can advise your client to purchase a Chroma Gel Oleum and add this product to their daily routine by massaging the oil to the nail and cuticle which will help maintain flexibility, prevent dehydration and soften cuticles.

 For 1st time buyers - We would recommend you purchase the starter kit, it has everything you need to start your journey in offering Chroma Gel Advanced Manicures to your clients.

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