5 things you didn't know about nail polish!!

1. Store your nail polish in the fridge. It helps the shelf life last longer.

2. Your nail polish colour choice is not random. Your colour is choice is linked with your emotion. Studies show that colour choice are usually a result of the relationship between unrelated items that are subconsciously stored in our memories. So, the next time you pick a shade for your manicure, chances are it means a lot more than you think. Or you could just need your nails to match your dress.


3.You will always need to use a base and top coat when waring nail polish. If you skip using your base and top coat you have more of a chance of your nail polish staining your nails or chipping.


4. Darker shades of nail polish peel off faster. This happens because the darker shades are full of higher pigmentation which cause the darker shades to chip quicker. You can try avoiding this by applying thinner coats per layer.

5. You need a break from your nail polish. Some of us feel incomplete without our nails polished however it is recommended to take a 3 day break every 3 weeks to keep your nails healthy. You can alway invest in a shine buffer to bring out the natural healthy shine on your break.

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