To Cut or File that is the question

Did you know filing your nails daily can do more harm than good which can lead to conditions that can cause them to crack, split or bend !!!!!!!

You may think that filing your nails every day will give you immaculate hands however the impact could be short lived.

As a daily manicure could create conditions which eventually may cause nails to crack, bend and split.

Scientists have studied the impact of clipping, trimming or filing finger nails and their findings reveal that manicuring too often could be at the root of common conditions. In time the nails could bend and crack, a condition called ‘pincer nails’, or develop ridges and splits called ‘spoon nails’.

If you clip your toe nails too often could this could cause them to become in-grown, a condition which in some cases requires minor surgery.

People who regularly clip or file their nails should choose a simple shape to minimise the damage. Or if you are continuously striving for great looking nails a manicure may not be enough! but a good set of tips with acrylic or gel overlay will look fabulous for 2-3 weeks with no need to file or clip.

Your nails will grow naturally underneath without being touched, filed or chipped for 2 weeks. This is the best shield for your nails.

So we come to the question again to cut or file?

Well there is no right or wrong answer to this, every situation is different and dependant on the circumstances. If you have a natural nail which has chipped then the best action to take is to file the nail back into shape.

If you want to reduce the length of the nail then you should cut the nail down to the desired length then file it smooth.

If you have a file in your purse then stop!! go to the salon and have a set of tips applied and overlaid. This will stop chipping and braking of the nail and you will be happily surprised how fast and strong your nails will grow underneath.



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