Our most loved movie inspired nails

There are so many nail brands producing nail polish collections inspired by movies we thought we would take a look at our favourite nail designs inspired by everyones favourite movies and you wont believe what we found!!!

So simple however iconic to this movie the unforgettable Beetlejuice easily re created with a black and white gel polish as the base, then hand painting Beetlejuice himself with nail art paint and sealing everything in with No Wipe Top Gel.

 The adorable Minions from the memorable cartoon Despicable Me, with the base colour being yellow it is easy to add the blue shorts in a french manicure style then accenting the nail with the final detail to finish off each Minion. These nails have had bobble eyes glued to each one for that extra 3D affect.

On our search we came across quite a few nail designed inspired by Disney's animated movie UP

You can really explode with colour creating this movie inspired design, as long as you have blue for your background you can be as simple or intricate as you desire. This is a really good design for beginners and advanced techniques as the iconic symbol for this movie is simple, hundreds of different colour balloons on black string and anyone who has seen this movie will know straight away that this is UP.

The true Dark Knight batman nails definitely represent this movie. Just paint black gel polish as the base colour and cure. Then with some nail art paint create your design with just using a fine striping brush. Seal in your design with Chroma Gel no wipe top coat.

Whatever movie inspires your nail designs always use a good top coat to seal it all in and we love Chroma Gel No Wipe Top coat.

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