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3 top tips to get the most out of gel nail polish

When a client has paid good money to have their nails done, the last thing they want is to chip them within a few days. Gel polish is undoubtedly the most durable solution, but this durability can be rough on natural fingernails. No-one wants to see their nails weakened and more prone to splitting, and as a professional in a nail salon, you want to be able to advise clients on how to avoid this happening. With that in mind, here are some top tips you can give to help preserve their nails.

1. Avoid getting gel manicures back-to-back

The removal and application of gel polish can cause wear and tear on the nails, so it should be spaced out. Nails can become dehydrated and suffocated, which will eventually cause breakage. As a nail technician, you should be assessing nail health in between applications, and recommending alternatives where necessary. Honesty in your advice will ensure your clients become loyal, and they'll come back for a gel polish the next time.

2. Don't leave gel polish on too long

It's tempting to stretch out the gel polish lifespan since it can go on for weeks without chipping. However, you should be advising your clients to remove it every 2-3 weeks to avoid weakened nails and even a build-up of bacteria. Once the gel begins to lift, moisture can get underneath, and this is prime conditions for bacteria to thrive.

3. Don't remove your old gel polish without professional help

It can be tempting for clients to remove an old gel manicure themselves, but this is not the safest way. For clients who simply won't be able to make it to a salon for removal, you can advise on best practice to do it safely, but always advise them to have it done professionally.

Ultimately, you want your clients to feel good about their nails at all times. It is in your interests to keep them healthy, because that's how you win trust and keep a loyal client base. Whether you use Chroma Gel or another type of gel polish, be sure to keep your clients in-the-know about what NOT to do so that they can keep their nails healthy and strong.

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