Easy and Safe Gel Nail Polish Removal

Your Materials

This is a homegrown removal method, so you’ll need a few materials before getting started. To remove your recent gel nail polish layer, you’ll need nail wipessoak off removal (acetone), aluminium foil and nourishing oil for healthier nails. 

All you need is Chroma Gel Essential Kit:

Soaking and wrapping

Once you’ve gathered your materials, fill a kitchen bowl with soak off removal and place your nails in the bowl. The soak off removal will react with your gel polish - loosening its adhesive and freeing it from your nail. Remember to cover the acetone bowl with plastic wrap or foil when not in use.

For the wrapping method, dip a nail wipe in soak off removal until fully saturated. Place the saturated nail wipes against your nail, and wrap an aluminium foil strip around it. Repeat this method with your other nails. Once each nail has been wrapped, let them soak for approximately 30 minutes. 1 step gel nail polish needs only 10-15 minutes soaking off.  Additionally, if your skin isn’t negatively affected by acetone, dipping your nails directly into the acetone bowl works well. However, don’t soak them for over 30 minutes.


Removal and Swabbing

 When the foil and nail wipes are removed, gel layers should detach. Orange wood nail sticks can help to detach gel polish. If gel material remains, swab it with the saturated nail wipes, gently removing excess edges. Sometimes, gel residue needs a little extra help!



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