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4 nail design tips for a rocking new year

2020 is almost upon us and it's time to start organising how you'll be spending the New Year. As you make plans with friends and family, though, it's important to also spend some time deciding what dazzling outfit you're going to don this New Year's Eve. There are so many aspects to consider: dress, shoes, bag, and, of course, a hairstyle that will last through the night. Your nails are also a crucial aspect of a spectacular party look, and so we've put together some top tips for starting 2020 in perfect style.

1. Shimmer in metallic hues

There's no better way to begin a new year than with nails that are reminiscent of an expensive piece of jewellery. Silver or gold tones are ideal for a night out partying or a sophisticated dinner party at home. At Chroma Gel, we offer 1 step gel nail polish that gives you all of the glamour while also providing an easy, effective application process. Opt for our stylish Silver Bullet to give your nails a metallic glint.

2. Add a little sparkly dust

Chrome nails are eye-catching, but you can increase the shimmer factor by adding a sprinkling of our Chroma Dust. We offer a range of complementary colours, such as the bold Gold Dust and the more reserved and subtle Pearlesque option. If you want to go really wild, you can add a bit of our Holographix product to really make sure your hands stand out this year.

3. Get creative on your fingertips

This particular holiday only rolls around once each year, so it's the perfect time to go all out and add a little 2020 artwork to your nails. With our nail art pens, you can choose any design you wish. Perhaps add the date across your fingertips or get even more creative with some classic New Year symbols, such as champagne bottles and countdown clocks.

4. Ensure that you layer up

Layering isn't just an outfit choice but is actually a crucial aspect of ensuring that your nails stay healthy and your polish lasts as long as possible. In order to make sure your nails stay in perfect condition this New Year, opt for a good base and topcoat. Consider our no wipe top coat, which protects your polish and cures in 30 seconds so it won't hold you up as you get ready.

If you're interested in high-quality and creative gel nail polish, Chroma Gel offers a range of products from tools to accessories and polish to gel. Contact us today for information about our collection.

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