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4 ways to avoid gel polish lifting

Gel polish is of course extremely long-lasting. We want you and your clients to get the most out of your gel polish, so we've gathered some top tips to make sure lifting doesn't happen and the gel polish lasts as long as possible.

1. Cleanse the nail

After you have buffed the client's nails you'll need to cleanse them with antiseptic cleanser. The reason being is, any dust and debris caused by the buffing needs to be removed. If it stays under the gel polish then you might get lifting. So use a lint free wipe and 91% alcohol to clean up those nails.

2. Use primer and a bonder

Before you apply the gel polish you're going to need to dehydrate the nails using primer. To do this simply brush on the primer with a clean nail brush or lint free wipe and then let it dry. Next up, use a bonder because this will really help to stop lifting from happening. But remember that a bonder can make polish removal difficult, so focus on problem areas and not the whole nail.

3. Paint the nails properly

To avoid lifting, you need to make sure that you avoid nail edges and the cuticles. It's a good idea to clean up the edges and cuticles beforehand using acetone. Then you should paint the nails using thin coats of gel polish. Thicker coats make lifting more likely. Of course, you should finally cap the free edges and make sure the nails are smooth.

4. Apply cuticle oil and hand cream afterwards

It's likely that you'll use cuticle oil and hand cream when you do a client's nails because other processes, for example using acetone to remove polish, can really dry out the nails. But you need to make sure that you apply cuticle oil and hand cream after the manicure, if you do it beforehand then it can cause lifting.

As you can see, lifting is easily avoided as long as you do the right prep, paint effectively and leave the nail care until afterwards. If you're looking for a top quality gel polish to use, then why not try Chroma Gel?

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I’m going to try using the primer and border, hopefully it helps!

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