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4 winter nail colour trends you need to know about

Winter is just around the corner and this means that customers will be swapping their trainers for sturdy ankle boots; woolly tights will replace sheer tights and new shades of gel nail polish will be applied. So, what shades will be hot this wintertime? What are the new season's colour trends? Below we share four nail colour trends that everyone will be wearing this winter.

1. Traditional burgundy and Merlot shades Deep and rich burgundy and Merlot gel nail polish have always been firm favourites when the weather gets colder, as they create that feeling of warmth. The new trend this winter season is that these two shades are being painted on the same nail, creating fun nail art.

2. All shades of black and grey High gloss black gel nail polish gives every woman that feeling of confidence and power that looks amazing during the party season. It helps to make a bold statement. Matt black will also be popular and will give the nail a more subtle look. A softer option is to use a slate grey that can be worn day or night and with any colour combination.

3. Understated glitter This may seem a little strange, as surely glitter is always a bold look. But, the new winter trend is all about using muted and subtle silver and gold. They can be applied over black and burgundy, used to create intricate nail art, or they can be used to cover the entire nail.

4. Denim blues Denim jeans are a firm favourite during the winter months and this will be seen in the use of denim gel polish. Blue denim will be seen everywhere and will be viewed as the go-to colour, as it can be worn with everything. There are colour variations, including vibrant violets, blues with a hint of violet and grey undertones.

Here at Chroma Gel, we have a wide selection of gel nail polish in all these colour trends, plus so much more. To learn more about our Chroma gel polish range and accessories, then please do get in touch with us today.

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