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Great nail shapes for 2017

With so many amazing nail colours, shapes and styles to choose from, it can be hard for your customer to know which to choose. Below we’ve compiled a list of five hot nail shapes for 2017 to help you advise your customers on their next look.

1. Oval

The oval nail shape is one of the most popular styles to go for, combining square, rounded and almond techniques to create a sleek, complete look. Oval nails appear feminine and elegant and suit people with slim fingers and longer nails, who like to take the time to care for their nails. Oval nails are also great for most nail designs and colours – so if your customer wants to experiment with designs, this could be a great shape for them.

2. Rounded-square nails

Rounded-square nails are great for active people who want their nails to look neat and well-kept, without having to invest a lot of time in their upkeep. The rounding off of the square helps to prevent snagging and chipping, meaning the manicure will last longer, even with an active lifestyle. To achieve this look, file your nails flat, as you would if you wanted square shaped nails, then smooth round the edges to achieve the desired look. These low-maintenance nails are also great for summer holidays as they don’t have the length to get sand and sun cream stuck behind - so if your customer is heading off into the sun, this could be a great shape to recommend.

3. Long square nails

Long square nails are great if your customer wants to make an impact, and is willing to invest in some regular maintenance and appointments to your salon! This shape complements French manicures and intricate designs, as the surface area of the nail is large enough to display unique patterns and bold colours. Long and medium length nails particularly suit this look – but be careful, as this style is more prone to snagging and chipping, so probably wouldn't suit customers with an active lifestyle so much.

4. Stiletto shaped nails

Acrylic nails finished with a pointed tip are hugely popular, especially amongst female celebrities including Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Rita Ora. The stiletto style requires a lot of upkeep and suits only long nails, as you need to file down the sides of your nails as much as possible to get the final point at the end. Again this style isn't recommended for people who are active and want a low-maintenance look.

5. Almond shaped nails

Almond shaped nails suit all nail types, and don't require as much upkeep as other long styles. The style is feminine and delicate and can work great if your customer has a few events coming up that they want an attractive, easy-to-maintain look for.

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