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5 Reasons why every salon needs to use gel nail polish

Are you still using old fashioned nail polish in your salon? The type that takes hours to completely dry? Well, you really need to say goodbye to this nail varnish. A much better option is to use gel nail polish. If you are still unsure about making the switch, carry on reading as we have 5 great reasons why every salon should be offering their customers Chroma gel nail polish.

1. Your clients can simply get on with their day

Gel nail polish will not interfere with their day. No more being careful when washing up or doing manual tasks after nail varnish has been applied. There will be no more fear that it will smudge or chip. Once you have applied and then cured the gel polish, your client is good to go.

2. It lasts a long time

Gel nail polish is pretty impenetrable. Once applied it can last up to three weeks. It won't chip or discolour and it should look just as good one week after it has been applied. It really is the low maintenance option which is why women are now opting for gel nail polish, so you really do need to provide this service.

3. It is so quick to apply

We all lead busy lives and don't have the time to sit around for hours, having our nails painted and then waiting for them to dry. That's why many women opt for gel nail polish as it's quick and easy to apply, plus it dries very quickly. All you need is the polish and a UV lamp.

4. It won't damage nails

The main reason many women are unsure about using gel nail polish is the fear that it damages the nail. This is a myth. Gel nail polish does not harm your nails. You need to make your clients aware that it is quick and easy to remove in a specialist soaking solution. In fact, nails will feel more nourished.

5. There is so much choice

One of the best things about opting for gel nail polish is that there's so much choice. Not only are there vast colour options, but your clients can also choose from metallic, glitters, topcoats and fabulous nail art that is also quick and easy to apply.

Please do browse our online store for the very latest Chroma gel nail polish colours, hints and tips. We guarantee that your clients will soon be addicted and that you'll never use that old nail varnish again.

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