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5 things customers expect from your nail salon

There are lots of nail salons out there, which means a fair amount of competition. Although there is demand there, it is important to build up your customer base, so you never have any periods where customers are few and far between. Getting nails done is a treat for most people, so customers expect a certain level of service – otherwise, they will just go to one of your competitors. These are some things customers expect from your nail salon.

A warm welcome

No matter how busy your nail salon is, you should always ensure you give your customers a warm welcome. This is an aspect which many nail salons fail on and it can quite easily drive customers away. Make sure you acknowledge the customer as soon as they come through the door and what type of treatment they want. For instance, chrome nails or gel polish.

Comfortable environment

As a visit to the nail salon is a luxury, customers will expect to feel comfortable – and this will include the area they wait for their treatment. It is a good idea to ask your customers if they would like a refreshment or a magazine as soon as they arrive – especially if they need to wait. You can guarantee that your customers will return to you if they feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit.

Know your audience

Some customers will like to chat – others won’t. That’s just the way it is when dealing with the general public. If you don’t feel like you are getting much reception from your customers, it may be a good idea to save your chat for someone else. However, if they are receptive to conversation, don’t be afraid to have a good chat with your customers.

Feel special

Everyone likes to feel special, especially when enjoying a bit of pampering. A few compliments and generally making your customers feel relaxed, will go a long way to creating a nice environment – which your customers will love.

Reason to return

Give your customers a reason to return, make sure they feel that they have had a truly enjoyable experience. If your nail salon stands out from your competitors, your customer base will definitely grow as a result.

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