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6 beauty hacks for nails

As all manicurists and salon owners know, taking proper care of the nails is an essential part of keeping them healthy and well-maintained, as well as getting them to look good. For visitors, receiving the best nail care as well as the coolest designs and colours is a top priority. There are many ways to keep fingernails strong and healthy - and to make them look snazzy - so here are some of our favourite beauty hacks for nails.

1. Bitter nail polish for nail-biters

Nail-biting can be very damaging to the nails, so for those who are prone to biting their nails, painting the nails with bitter nail varnish is a great way to discourage the habit.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vital nutrient for growth and moisturiser on the hair, skin and the nails. Applying hand and nail oils and moisturisers on a regular basis will help with nail growth as well as making the skin feel smooth, soft and supple.

3. Petroleum jelly

We all hate spills and smudging when painting and decorating nails, but there is a simple solution to this - petroleum jelly. Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly around the nails before painting them in order to easily clean up smudges.

4. Feeling dotty?

If you want to create dots on the nails and you don't have a nail pen then don't fret. Get a cotton swab, clip off the cotton ends, dip into the nail pot of your chosen colour then add to your nails.

5. Gel treatment

For weak and brittle nails, a gel treatment is the perfect cure. Gel nail polishes - such as the Chroma Gel range - strengthen the nails and the UV or LED light during the gel treatment can help repair the condition of the nails. Also, use a gel nail polish top coat to complete the finished look and leave nails looking shiny.

6. Tape up

If you are looking to achieve the two-tone look with your nails, then add tape near the tips of your fingers. Apply the first colour on the nails, then remove the tape and apply the second colour over the unpainted area.

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