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6 top tips for maintaining gel nails

We've all been there. You have finished a client's nails with gel polish only to find that a week later they are back in, dismayed that their manicure is already looking a little sorry itself. This no longer needs to be the case, as by offering the following tips, you can ensure your client's gel nails stay in pristine condition for as long as possible.

1. Trim their nails

By beginning a gel manicure with shorter nails, you allow nails the room to grow under the gel polish. This decreases the chances of breakage, which is often the number one cause of a short-lived gel manicure.

2. Make sure your client's nails are clean and conditioned

It is key to always ensure nails are both clean and conditioned. Not only are unclean nails unsightly, but having dirt trapped behind them etc. can lead to health problems. Unconditioned nails are far more prone to breakage and catching, which can lead to uncomfortableness. Similarly, by conditioning your client's nails you will ensure their natural nails will remain in a good condition, even when the gel nails are removed. This makes their next manicure as stress-free as possible, which in turn will reflect on you as a salon.

3. Encourage lighter colours to be chosen

This may be quite an obvious tip, but one sneaky way to maintain a gel manicure for longer is by finishing in a lighter shade. This is because a light coloured gel polish won't show chips and nicks in such an obvious way as a darker shade would. This means that gel nails will keep their perfect finish for longer!

4. Always finish on top!

It is always key to ensure that you provide a top coat! More than this, encourage the upkeep of your client's top coat - some nail pros even top-up their gel polish top coats every two days. If your regulars are constantly working with their hands, it is a good idea to advise this. This is because a top coat acts as a shield between gel polish and the outside world, sealing and protecting it from chips and cracks.

5. Filing is Key

Filing really is key to a long-lasting gel polish manicure. By filing gel nails, it means that you won’t have to replace gels as frequently - putting less strain on your client’s actual nails.

6. Stop your clients from picking - this instant!

When it comes to gel nail upkeep, picking is the archenemy. Once a small chip has happened and picking starts, it's often difficult to stop. Not only will this ruin perfect gel nails, but it can seriously damage the nails below. If you know a picker, once a chip appears, advise them to get it filled or remove the manicure and start again.

So there you have it, six simple tips to make sure your clients get the most out of their gel nails. By following these tips, you will also ensure that while their gel polish remains, all your client’s natural nails are kept in the best way possible.

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