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6 top tips for perfectly filed nails

The way someone’s hands look can cause others to form an immediate impression of them. In addition, even the most professionally applied nail effects or gel polish won’t look as attractive if your client’s nails aren’t shaped well.

Tips on how to file your clients’ nails correctly for perfect results

1. Always use a soft nail file or emery board for filing nails. Avoid using nail files with very coarse grit, as these can easily tear and damage the nail, weakening it and making breakage and splitting more likely. Look for a file with a 220 grit to begin with.

2. When you file the nails, always file them in one direction only, rather than sawing back and forth. Sweep the nail file smoothly from the side of the nail towards the centre, working in one direction only to achieve the nail shape you want.

3. As you file, hold the nail file flat against the tip of the nail. Angling the file as you work on the nail will cause the tip to become thin and brittle, leading to breakage.

4. Manicuring the nails and filing them can make them weak and dehydrated. Prior to the manicure, ask your clients to avoid immersing their nails in soapy water, especially if they are dry and brittle.

5. Try not to file the sides of the nails too far down. This causes weakening of the nail at the stress point and usually leads to breakage. Hold the nail file parallel to the sides of the nail and avoid edging too far into the corner.

6. If you inadvertently file the nails too short, don’t panic; the nails will grow back pretty quickly. In the meantime, you may need to use a neutral-coloured nail polish or gel to give the illusion of extra length.

7. To soften the ends of the nails or to create an oval shape, gently file the edges of the nails at a very slight angle. Keep the nail file perpendicular to the tip of the nail to avoid breakage.

Create must-have nails every time

Before you apply gel polish or stunning nail art, it’s essential that your customers’ nails look great. Bear in mind the tips given above when filing to guarantee a perfect final look. For more tips on the latest nail trends, browse our blog, or check out our stunning chrome nails at Chroma Gel today.

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