8 inspiring nail designs for spring 2017 | Chroma Gel

8 inspiring nail designs for spring 2017

8 inspiring nail designs for spring 2017

When it comes to professional nail polish, Chroma Gel is everything you need for your salon. This easy to soak off colourless gel cures in LED light in just 60 seconds or under UV in 120 seconds.

It can also turn normal painted nail polish into hard-wearing gel nails - working as a no wipe top coat - that'll stay glossy and stylish for up to two weeks.

There's a lot to be said for how great it is, but how can you make the most of it during this spring? Here's a run down of the hottest nail styles to follow for 2017:

Multi-coloured patterns

Multi-coloured patterns

Use your diverse nail art and colour/texture combinations as a reason to add extra personality to a manicure. Something girly and chic like this will be a great conversation starter. It's also a beautiful way to keep gel polish feeling fresh.

Unicorn shimmer

Unicorn Shimmer Nail Art

Use a chic shimmer underneath your Chroma Gel top coat for a glossy unicorn glow. Help your client escape into the fantasy of this strong, beautiful mystical animal.

Mirror reflections

Mirror Effect Nails


Mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the fairest of them all? Create a manicure that will feel a million dollars and wow anyone that sees it. Adding Chroma Gel to the top will create a beautiful glossy glow.

Glitter fading

Glitter fading nail art

Add a touch of cinderella sparkle with faded glitter nails. It'll attract any magpies in love with glamour and dazzle.

Candy cart


Candy nail art


Taste the rainbow with this sweet-inspired manicure. It'll add a youthful touch to the start of spring this year - and with Chroma Gel added on top, it'll be glossy and hard-wearing.

High gloss glitter

High Gloss Nail art

Use Chroma Gel to make any manicure stand out as powerful and glossy. The traditional one-colour manicure will still feel glamorous and high-quality with a no wipe top coat.

Touch of the 80s

Touch of the 80's nail art

It may be 2017, but the 1980s are still a great style reference and point of inspiration. Explore the colours and add a touch of glitter to lift the manicure for spring.

Manicure refresh

Manicure Refresh

The french manicure is a hugely popular nail art design, but it can be refreshed for 2017 by playing around with different nail art combinations.

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