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Chroma Gel new revolutionary Fix'n'Protect Repair Treatment

Chroma Gel's new Fix'n'Protect is ideal for salons and mobile nail technicians who wish to offer clients a deep nail treatment. It helps to toughen and grow the natural nail improving the nails top layers.

Fix'n'Protect is designed to help weak and damaged nails grow strong and long. It can be used on its own or under your gel polish for added strength and protection.


Easy & Fast Application:

1. Paint one thin coat to the nail and cure: 30 seconds LED 120 seconds UV lamp

2. Paint a second coat and cure: 60 seconds LED 120 seconds UV lamp

3. Apply your gel polish directly on top of Chroma Gel Fix'n'Protect or cleanse with preferred nail cleanser and use it on its own for a matte finish

4. Use a No Wipe Top Coat for a glossy finish

It is so easy to have healthy nails with Chroma Gel.

Size: 15ml


Carol  Hawkins
Carol Hawkins

Just started using fix’n’ protect on my clients how should I remove when clients return in 2 weeks.

Colette Merkelt
Colette Merkelt

Interested in Chroma gel fix n protect. How do you remove without damaging nails?

Liz tomlimson
Liz tomlimson

Hi there, I’ve recently started using this on a few of my ladies… How should it be removed on the clients return visits to me thanks

sue wild
sue wild

Does fix & protect need to be removed(ie soaked or buffed off every time after two weeks or can I buff & infill as I would a same colour gel polish infill?.

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