The Magic of Chroma Gel Advanced

Chroma Gel Advanced is a soak off colourless gel that converts normal nail polish into gel polish and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

It's quick and easy to apply and cures in just 60 seconds under LED Lamp or 120 under UV.

The magic of Chroma Gel is that you are not limited in colour or choice, you can use any polish from your collection with it in order to create a flawless coloured gel finish.

Key features:

- Converts nail polish into gel polish
- Looks flawless for up to 14 days
- Now Cures in LED & UV
- Quick to remove
- Helps your nails grow
- Adds strength & durability
- Self levelling
- Soak of with Chroma Gel Remover
- You can use also as a sculpting gel or building gel.

How to convert normal nail polish to gel polish with Chroma Gel Advanced:


Chroma Gel Advanced is ideal for professional technicians with level 2 beauty therapy qualification or nail enhancement qualification level 2.

Chroma Gel Advanced Kit has all you need to get going if you already have a UV or LED lamp:

Chroma Gel Advanced Kit

Kit contains:

Recommended items not included in this kit:

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