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Apply glitter nail polish like a boss

How often have your clients brought in a brightly shining glitter top coat nail polish that is so jam-packed with glitter they think it’s impossible not to get great coverage, only to have it applied and be disappointed by the results? There is, of course, an ingeniously simple trick to get those intensely sparkling nails they hoped for. Not only is it a simple and cost-effective solution to this common problem, most women will probably not need to look too far away from their own makeup bag for the answer.

So just why is it that these store-bought polishes do not give full coverage?

The glitter nail polishes that are sold in many beauty stores may look like they are heavy with sparkly chunks of glitter, but the majority of what you end up painting onto the nails is clear polish. This happens because the glitter will not stick to the nails from the brush adequately when too much polish is present. The secret to getting that full glitter coverage on your client’s nails is to separate the glitter from the excess clear polish it is suspended in. This is much simpler than it sounds and there’s a good chance you may already have the perfect tool – a makeup sponge!

How can a sponge help?

The humble makeup sponge is the secret to applying an opaque layer of these glittery polishes; the sponge absorbs the excess clear polish while allowing the glitter to layer itself in a dense cluster on the sponge in the area painted. To apply, simply dab the glitter coated part of the sponge to the nail carefully to create disco ball nails in a second.

Continue until an opaque layer of glitter has been achieved and seal with a top coat. Use liquid latex or Vaseline around the cuticle and nail to stop polish being applied to the skin and remove after the polish dries with orangewood sticks. If all this seems a bit much for sparkly nails, you can create glitter nails for your clients using our holographic powders or mini glitter pots to get that coveted multifaceted shine.

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