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Be festival ready with eye-catching Chroma gel nails

It's summertime which can only mean that festival season is upon us. Your clients will have the perfect outfit and will have booked that hair appointment, but, what about their nails? Below we offer some fabulous gel nail manicure ideas for the festival season, for you to share with your clients.

Glitter nails are incredibly popular

Glitter can be seen everywhere this summer, including nails. It doesn't matter which colours you choose to stock, as long as they sparkle. Offer gold shades through to bold and vibrant reds that shimmer. Just be sure to add that glittery top coat for extra sparkle!

Introduce pom-poms

Festivals are so much fun and anything goes. Offer your clients something that it is a little different, and a bit quirky in the form of miniature pom-poms. This is such a fun look and perfect for dancing the day and night away. To achieve this fabulous look, simply paint the nails in different gel polish bright colours and cure. Add a top coat, cure, and then apply the small pom-pom with nail glue. It's as simple as that!

It's all about the rainbows

When we think of summer festivals, we instantly think of love, peace and rainbows. Applying a rainbow effect to the nails is so very easy yet looks totally amazing. The trick is to use nail tape so that you can paint each separate colour. Do as many colours as your client likes!

Dark and golden shimmer

Festival nails do not have to be bright, so offer your clients a dark alternative. Dark reds, blues, and blacks look stunning when a gold glitter top coat is sparsely applied. Simply apply the gel polish in the normal way and then add the glitter. Adding gold star art can also create a stunning night sky look.

Nude and glitter

Less can also mean more, and nude nails most definitely have a place in festival nail art! Paint nails with a super sheer gel polish. Once cured, you need to add a vertical glitter stripe. You could even use different glitter colours depending on your clients' individual needs.

Reverse French manicure

We all love the French manicure, and this festival themed reverse French manicure offers a fun and twisted look. Instead of painting the nail tips white, you paint the entire nail pink, and then paint the cuticle with a stunning silver glitter gel polish.

Take a look at our fabulous range of professional Chroma gel polish to help your clients have nails that are festival ready.

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