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Be Holiday Ready With Chroma Gel

Whether it's relaxing on a beach in the Bahamas or sightseeing in Rome, having chipped nails is something that no one wants to experience. You want to keep your customers happy and their nails on-point without any complications? Try Chroma Gel nail polish. Amazing results without the last minute rush.


Packing for the holiday and making sure there have been no last-minute changes can leave your customers in a flustered mess, and that's not even thinking about what they are going to do with their nails. That's why booking appointments up to a week before takeoff can ease some of the stress on your customer's shoulders while still having beautiful gel nails to go on holiday with.


Gel nail polish is a good option if some of your customers suffer from frail or damaged nails. The curling process acts as a barrier to harmful particles and pollutants which can be found both indoors and outdoors. As gel polish cannot easily be removed, it is a perfect way for your customers to protect their nails from the elements.

Quick drying

Standard acrylic polish can take up to an hour to dry, and while your customers are prepared to wait that long, they would surely be happier if their nails took only five minutes to dry. The light from the LED or UV instantly reacts the gel polish to adhere the colour swiftly to your customer's nails.

Higher price

Customers expect to pay more for a better polish, therefore buying gel nail polish for your store means you can earn more whilst doing the exact same job. Although gel nails polish is more expensive to buy, you will certainly reap the rewards when your customers return for nail treatments.


With the help of gel polish, salons can now create outstanding designs. Due to the fact that it is easier to apply, your designs can now get very creative, perhaps more so than ever before.

If you wish to know more about purchasing Chroma Gel polish, please take a look at our website to see our full range of products and colours.

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