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Celebrate Pride with rainbow nails

A well-known fact is that Pride is a very bright parade and those who celebrate it will want to make themselves seen. You can help your clients achieve the perfect look for Pride by taking inspiration from the Pride flag. So how can you give your client the nail look that they are after?

Gradient Nails

With the fantastic range of colours available you can guarantee your client to give them the best look possible. There are a few ways to use a gradient as inspiration; you could do a rainbow gradient going down through the colours from red through to purple on every nail so that they are matching. Alternatively, you could have a gradient in a different colour on each nail going through the rainbow spectrum, so one nail would be in a red gradient then the next in orange and so on. This stunning design is sure to get your clients recommending you and your salon. 

Block Nails

Your client may want a simpler design, you could achieve this by painting each nail in a different colour of the rainbow. This will create a bright and bold look that is sure to please your client. The benefit of gel polish is that it has an opaque finish giving your client a solid colour payoff. Whether they want a strong colour hue or a more pastel vibe, you can guarantee to give them what they are looking for. 

French Manicure

Who said that a French manicure had to be a blush nail with a white tip? You can add the wow factor to this well-known look by creating a multi-coloured version. Whether you choose to do the base in one colour and the tip in another, for example, a red nail with an orange tip or if you choose to use the same colours in different hues such as a lilac base and a plum coloured tip. Whatever you and the client decide you can ensure that their nails are going to pop.

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