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Celebrities rocking the bubblegum trend

Celebrities rocking the bubblegum trend

Move over, chrome. Bye-bye, glitter. There's a new talon trend in town - one that all the celebs are rocking: bubblegum pink. Here's a look at four famous beauties we think are nailing it (sorry) through intricate details and as the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Rochelle Humes

Letting a 3-year-old pick your nail style? Brave. Luckily for singer-turned-presenter, Rochelle Humes, her daughter has excellent taste. Alaia opted for a classic shape and a baby pink colour that perfectly complements mum's skin tone. A nail artist in the making, perhaps?

Zara Larsson

Matching your nails to your bag? So 2000. That's why Zara's gone a step further, matching her bright nails to a subtle pink hue hairstyle. She's kept the nail length long and, like Rochelle, has opted for a beautifully classic shape, letting the colour do the talking. It's the perfect 2017 update on an old trend.

Lottie Tomlinson

Make-up artist Lottie obviously knows a thing or two about the latest trends. This is the second time we've spotted her donning a bubblegum pink nail. This time she's gone for a boxy square shape for a bolder statement, bringing a freshness to the beautifully bright hue.

Bebe Rexha

Manicurist to the stars, Sophia Stylianou, opted for a pale pink on pop star Bebe Rexha, proving you don't have to go bright to wear this trend. We love that she's teamed it with a square shape to give the pretty, girly colour a cool-girl edge.

It's not just celebs that are loving the bubblegum trend. One search on Pinterest will bring up countless results, including vivid glow-in-the-dark bubblegum pink nails and the perfect coffin nail shape that is set to give everyone who sees them major nail envy.

Pink not your thing?

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