Not all lamps are created equal

So many lamps on the market today its hard to decide which one to get, LED, UV, 12Watt, 36 Watt, manicure, pedicure and the choices go on and on.

LED is the newest technology in gel systems so moving to an LED lamp from a UV sounds good right... wrong first check if your system can cure under LED light otherwise your waisting your time and money.

If your system is LED and UV compatible you should go for a LED lamp as it will cut your curing time dramatically which will save you bucks!!

Choosing the power of the lamp is very important, as some gels will over cure and discolour if your lamp is too powerful and you get the curing time wrong. However opting for a powerful lamp say 30Watt LED is always a good idea so if you switch to a different gel you know its backward compatible and should work on all LED gels, just test it a few times with your gel to see what the optimal time is to cure (without over curing). LED generally is 30 -60 seconds for UV its at least 2 minutes.

Make sure its got enough timer settings - its no good if you have to keep hitting the 30 second button when you need it to cure for 2 minutes. 

A removable base is a must these days as more and more people want gel on their toes to match their nails especially in the summer time so make sure your lamp has one.

Finally never look directly at the LED or UV light, it is damaging to the eyes just like when using a sun bed.


Chroma Gel LED lamp can cure all LED gel polishes.

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