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Chrome nails: ten ways to rock winter's hottest look

Chrome nails are the hottest look for this year's festive parties. This futuristic new trend will give any autumn/winter look a thoroughly contemporary, high fashion finish. Here we take you through ten styles to try on your clients this season:

1. Mirror ball The classic way to wear chrome nails is to apply a mirrored silver polish. Futuristic, contemporary, robot-meets-disco-ball gel nails are the perfect way to make any party look pop.

2. Rose gold For all-out glamour, offer clients the hottest jewellery colour of the moment: rose gold. Matching perfectly with on-tread pinkish gold watches and bangles, this colour is a sure-fire hit for the festive season and beyond.

3. Negative space Natural nails with chrome tips are a quirky alternative to the classic French manicure. Try this look in silver or gold for a daring high fashion look.

4. Mix it up A single statement chrome nail can look stunning with a more traditional manicure. For example, try a popping gold chrome third finger with the rest painted a sophisticated neutral.

5. Holographic Holographic silver nails blend together the classic Christmas glitter look with a futuristic edge. These pretty nails will have any client leave the salon feeling like a space age queen.

6. Chrome splash For a beautiful, intricate nail art look, why not try a Jackson Pollock inspired chrome spatter look? Set with a no wipe top coat, this modern art manicure is a sophisticated alternative to more commonplace nail art designs.

7. Brushed metals A subtler take on the trend, brushed metallic nails are another hot look for autumn/winter. Begin by laying down a chrome gel polish base, cure, and dust over a metallic powder for a understated take on chrome nails.

8. Beyond metals Aside from the obvious gold, silver and bronze, try out more daring chrome colours this winter. Slime green, purple or turquoise adds interest to a metallic manicure.

9. Chrome accents Another alternative take on the trend, why not try subtle chrome accents in your gel nail designs? Little squares, triangles or circles of chrome on natural or nude nails are a delicate, modern look for winter.

10. Marble and chrome When trends collide - another great nail art look for the season is chrome and marble nails. Try chrome nail art on a marble base, or a chrome accent nail in a full marble manicure. If one of these hot winter chrome nail trends has got you inspired, check out our range of gel polish today.

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