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Create an on trend look with Pantone's colour of the year

Pantone - the people who set colour trends, which are picked up by all the big designers and retailers, have announced their colour this year is UltraViolet. UltraViolet is a deep, sensual purple colour which looks great on gel or chrome nails, so we're really excited that it's going to be a big feature in this year's colour trends. We say 'Yay' to UltraViolet. The good news is we are already ahead of the curve when it comes to this trend with our Chroma Gel -1 Step Gel Polishes. We've got a range of violet and purple colours that you can recommend to your clients. From glittery deep purples to lighter lavender and lilacs, there's something for everyone.

Deep Purple

'Pluto Made Me Do It' No 74 is an ultra dark deep purple opaque base colour but also has purple glitter in it, so it's great for a night out or a special occasion. A slightly lighter purple glittery polish is our gorgeous 'Stary Night', a deep purple covered with glitter for a real luxe look.

The UltraViolet one

'Orion's Belt' is a deep midnight purple with a slight shimmer, and the ultraviolet colour of the year. This is probably the most similar to the ultraviolet look that will be everywhere. For a more plum based colour, try 'Kiss Me Quick'. This still keeps the purple theme but adds a warmth to your client's nails that is more for an everyday look.

Lighter variations

For those clients who like the idea of purple but want something lighter, you can vary the trend and create your own by choosing one of our lighter shades. 'Lilac in Love' gives a strong opaque lavender colour to nails and 'Cosmic Candy Cloud' will give a sensational sheer pink/lavender almost ombre feel to nails. The chrome gel goes on like a polish but lasts like a gel, so it is ideal for giving your customers long-lasting nails in amazing colours. Our 1 Step Gel Polishes dry in 30 seconds with LED or two minutes with UV lighting, so are really easy to use with quick drying time and are ideal for your salon.

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