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Crowded work station? Chroma Gel: The only polish you'll need this season

When it's time to clear out your cluttered workstation, it's hard to know what to keep and what to chuck. Ideally, you want one versatile collection of polishes, but it's not always that easy. There's so many different products out there that you can use to achieve new looks, but Chroma Gel might just have your back.

Chroma Gel Advanced, a soak-off colourless gel, converts regular nail polish into a gorgeous gel polish that lasts for up to two weeks. And you can use any polish from your collection to create a flawless coloured gel finish. With no drying time and more strength and durability than seen before, you can have a proper clear out and throw away all of those near-empty bottles of nail treatment.

What trending looks can I create with Chroma Gel?

Industrial Chrome

Metallic colours are in. This is just one of the many trending looks you can create with Chroma Gel this winter. To achieve this new style, check out our latest product Chroma Dust, which turns your gel polish into a striking holographic manicure.

Abstract Nails

Think vintage wallpaper meets a Jackson Pollock painting. This is the perfect look for your more adventurous customers. Try bold colours and don’t be afraid to get messy. This style really works well when you're feeling creative, so don't be afraid to have fun and explore and check out our range of vibrant new Gel Polish Colours, including Pink Candy and Burger Buns.


This subtle new look will leave your customers feeling fresh this season. Neutral, nude nails are very popular right now, and you can find the perfect tones in the One Step Polish collection.

Don't forget to finish all of these looks off with the Chroma No Wipe Top Coat, the perfect one step gel polish which works with every gel polish system.

Extra tools to tidy up your work space

We've also got a sale on our salon equipment to get your work space prepared before the Christmas rush, including our Chroma Gel nail polish case holder which fits up to 48 polishes.

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