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Do gel polishes last longer than nail polish?

Gel manicures have become hugely popular with beauty lovers around the world; but does gel nail polish really last longer than real polish? The answer is yes. Gel manicures are renowned for lasting significantly longer than regular nail polish, which often flakes and chips much more easily.

What makes gel polish better than regular polish?

Gel manicures last so long that the only time you will need to get them changed or removed is when your natural nails grow out. Gel polish doesn't chip, meaning it will stay looking quality for many weeks (depending on how long your nails take to grow). It is ideal for those growing their nails out. Not only does it last longer, but it can also be applied more quickly than a traditional manicure with regular polish. Gel polish is dry instantly after being cured under the UV light, meaning you don't have to worry about drying time after your manicure and won't experience ruined nails the minute you walk out your nail salon.

How does gel polish work?

Before a gel manicure, the nail bed is prepped, filed to your desired shape, and the cuticle work is completed. You then have your chosen colour painted on them, just like you would with regular polish. However, the difference is that this is then 'cured' with a UV light for up to 90 seconds. This process is repeated several times for each hand after each layer of polish. It is then sealed with a glossy top coat, which creates a high-quality finish. It is this process that makes your polish so long-lasting and hard.

Are there any cons to gel polish?

Gel manicures are often more expensive than traditional manicures, but this is often worth it for how long they last. Removing gel polish can be quite a rough process, in which your nails will need soaking in an acetone solution and then the remaining polish will need filing off. It is not as easy as wiping nail polish remover over the nail bed. There is a risk with such a harsh removal process that the real nail can become damaged underneath.

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