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Easy Valentine's Day nail art designs

What goes perfectly with wine and chocolates? The perfect Valentine's nail art of course! We've put together five nail art designs that your clients will love. They are perfect for lovers holding hands or to properly celebrate single-hood in a festive manner.

1. Ruby sparkles

Valentine's Day is all about red nails, so why not add a little extra sparkle to a ruby red shade. This is a simple yet effective look that can enhance any Valentine's outfit. Start with a red base shade of ruby then add red glitter sparkles to bring a shimmery effect to the tips of the nail.

2. True love hearts

If you have a customer that likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, then why not add it to their nails too? They can wear their heart on their nail art with an oversized red heart design, perhaps even incorporating the couple's initials. This is a simple nail drawing that can be done in any shade of red that your client loves.

3. Dainty hearts

For those who are more of a subtle personality, then this is the perfect nail art. It's a bare nail covered in tiny little hearts. You can even do the hearts in whichever colour matches their Valentine's outfit best. Simply apply a top coat to help seal the tiny hearts in place and to add a touch of shimmer and shine.

4. 50 shades of red

If your client can't decide on which shade of red to go for, then why not try them all at once with a monochromatic look. You can use scarlet, ruby, burgundy, rose and more! This nail is perfect for those indecisive in love.

5. The Queen of Hearts

Go literal by filling your client's nails with hearts this Valentine's Day. This is a great nail technique since there are so many ways to paint heart symbols, from arrow-pierced hearts and floating heart bubbles, to candy love hearts and heart balloons. But if you want to try something unique and special, then go for a different heart pattern on each nail. If you're interested in gel polish and chrome nails to assist you in recreating these beautiful Valentine's nail art designs, then why not check out the range on our website.

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