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Eat your way to healthy nails

While a good manicure can save any set of nails from looking drab and dreary, having a healthy base on which to paint is vital to keeping the manicure polished and unchipped. Healthy nails can be achieved by paying attention to your diet, which plays a huge role in ensuring that they do not turn brittle, flaky or soft. 

Indeed, discussing the benefits of a good diet can be a great way to get a conversation flowing with your clients, and could even give you a much better base to work with during their next visit. So, what are the main food groups people should aim for?

1. Red meat

While red meats such as beef often get a bad press for their fat content and questionable impact on the environment, eating red meat in moderation is great for the hair and nails due to its high protein and iron content. Iron is fundamental to nail growth, and weak nails can often be a sign that you are iron-deficient. Indulging in red meat once a week should be enough to get your nail health back on track.

2. Alternative iron-rich foods

Although red meat is one of the most efficient ways of achieving a decent iron intake, not everyone is able to eat it due to personal tastes or ethical issues. Other iron-rich foods include spinach, eggs or fortified cereals. 

3. Foods high in vitamin C

Vitamin C can help your body to absorb the iron you ingest more easily. There are a variety of foods rich in vitamin C. Aim for citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, and tomatoes and red peppers.

4. Folate-rich foods

A folate deficiency can leave your nails looking dull and worn. Folate-rich foods include dark leafy vegetables, peas, lentils, spinach and beans. Once your folate levels are back up to scratch, your nails should look shiny, new and young, and provide the perfect base for a manicure.

5. Beer

Yes – beer! The good news for all beer lovers is that a little beer can help strengthen hair and nails due to its silicon content. Only a small glass is sufficient to get you silicon levels up, however - so this is not an excuse to go overboard!

Once your clients' nails are back in tip top shape thanks to a healthy diet, treat them to a gel polish manicure or chrome nails that will last longer and look better because of the nail base underneath. Get in touch with us today to see our Chroma Gel polish range.

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