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Embrace the black and white nail trend

If you think that having black and white nails is boring, then think again. Black and white nail trends are hot this year and will make you stand out from the crowd. Embrace those black and white nail art trends with Chroma nails.

Monochrome nail tips

To pull off the monochrome manicure, you do need enough nail in which to paint the tip. This is a fun twist on the regular manicure, which provides a bold statement look. Paint the nail with a white gel polish and then simply add a black gel polish tip. This look works best with a matte gel polish top coat.

White and black stripes

Stripes always add a fun element to your nails. The important thing is to do them well. You need a steady hand, plus nail tape to paint those straight lines. Alternate the thickness of the lines on each nail to add interest, and you can even paint horizontal lines on your thumbs for a dramatic effect.

The chequerboard look

The chequerboard gel polish look is fantastic when it's in monochrome, and the good news is that it's easy to achieve. Simply paint your nail with white gel polish and cure. Then cut out squares from nail tape and add to the top left corner and bottom right corner of your nail. In the remaining space add black gel polish and cure once more.

Go dotty

If you want a black and white nail look that is easy to achieve, then go dotty. Paint your nails in alternating black and white gel polish and then cure. Then use a dotting tool to add the opposing colour. Cure and you're done! You'll have super cute nails.

Add a little gold

Accent gold gel polish adds a touch of glamour to black and white nails. The best news is that you can choose whatever shape you wish. Use a nail art tool, such as a heart, a flower, or even a simple wavy line, on your black or white nails.

Just remember to add a Chroma gel polish top coat for added protection. Please do browse our Chroma gel polish range to perfect your black and white nail look!

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