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Festival nail designs

With summer approaching, you’re probably going to be seeing customers who are getting excited about festival season! They’ll want you to create fresh, fun looks to complete their festival outfits. Everyone knows festivals are a time to experiment and push the boundaries of beauty, hair and outfits, so to keep you ahead of the trends, we’ve listed out some of our top festival nail styles for the season ahead. 

Tie dye 

To create a stunning tie dye nail, choose three colours to create a base. Water down a blob of each colour onto a little bit of tin foil with a tiny bit of nail polish thinner. Use a small nail art brush to apply the different colours to the nail, letting them flow into each other to create the desired effect. Try experimenting with pastels, neons or colours from a similar palette such as pinks and purples. 

Amazing Aztec 

Aztec print designs are so effective on nails and look amazing paired with Woodstock vibe festival outfits. Try this look by painting thin strips of block colour down the nails with paler colours such as pinks, peaches or pale blue and lilac. To add the Aztec designs, use a thin nail art brush to add intricate black lines onto the nail then additional decoration with dots and zig zags. 


Try out rainbow nails working a different colour onto each nail for a dramatic, fun festival look. Start at the pinky and literally paint out the colours of the rainbow. It’s such a fun look for shorter, squared or rounded off nails and your customers will love the brightness of their nails. It’s a bold statement look, that loads of people want to try, but never have the right occasion to wear it. Where better than a festival to experiment with a brilliantly bold rainbow nail?

Ask your customers about their outfits and the overall look they’re trying to achieve so you know exactly how to create nails to complement their look. To create your customer’s dream nails for the festivals they’re hitting this summer, make sure you stock up your collection by shopping our full range of Chroma Gel nail varnish today.

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