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Five Chroma Gel products that will help you achieve a flawless finish

When clients opt for a gel manicure, they'll get results that are going to last for weeks. That's why it is vital to ensure that they're 100 per cent happy with the way their nails look when they leave your salon.

Fortunately, Chroma Gel has an arsenal stocked full of secret weapons to help you achieve stunning results. Here are five top-performing products that will ensure a client's gel nail polish will look absolutely flawless:

Chroma Gel Universal Bonder

A perfect application starts right from the beginning. This pre-gel treatment, which is applied to the nail before the base coat, will ensure that all the layers of gel polish bond perfectly on their nail.

Chroma Gel Acid Free Primer

If you're working with a client whose nails are particularly oily, this primer is the perfect pre-polish treatment. The acid-free formula is designed to gently dehydrate the nails, which will prevent the gel polish layers from lifting.

Chroma Gel No Wipe Top Coat

Often, a big turn-off for clients is the sticky residue left on the top of nails post-treatment. This revolutionary top coat puts an end to those worries. What's more impressive is that this no wipe top coat takes just 30 seconds to cure under an LED lamp.

Chroma Gel Cleanser

If you're particularly fond of using a top coat that gives great results, but tends to leave a sticky layer, then you'll need a cleanser that effectively removes the residue without damaging the newly applied polish. Chroma's gel cleanser will not only leave nails feeling smooth, but also give them a perfect shine. Plus there's no nasty lingering odour.

Chroma Gel Oleum Nourishing Gel Oil

The secret to a long-lasting gel manicure is keeping the cuticles in great condition. This ultra-nourishing formula is made from a blend of sweet almond oil and coconut oil and can be applied to the cuticles directly after treatment. Clients will also love the gorgeous peach scent of this product.

If your gel manicure toolkit would benefit from any of these products, then why not stop by Chroma Gel's online shop and stock up?

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