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Five nail trends for Spring 2021

As we get ready to say goodbye to a long winter it’s also time to say goodbye to those festive glitters and dark nail polishes. As the sun starts to shine there is nothing more satisfying than embracing springtime nail colours! Whether you use gel polish or traditional nail polish, we take a look at five of the top nail trends for spring 2021.

A French twist

There’s nothing more classy and elegant than a French manicure, but give yours a twist for spring by changing white tips for a pop of colour! You can be as bold as you like, from dark red tips to a soft pastel shade, or go all out with bright rainbow colour tips. It’s a simple way to inject some fun into your manicure.

Natural elegance

As more of us have begun to do our own nails at home, understated natural nails are making a big return. You can achieve a ‘your nails but better’ look by using our fix ‘n’ protect gel nail repair treatment and an understated nude polish. Your nails will be strong, healthy and looking their absolute best.

A new rainbow

Multicoloured nails can look grown up! Choose five alternating colours on each nail from the same colour palette to create a fun, gradient rainbow effect. A spectrum of soft pastel nail polishes works beautifully with spring outfits.

Spring sparkle

Glitter polishes aren’t just for Christmas, the right glitter can add a lovely bit of extra flair to your manicure. Instead of full nail glitter with bold colours, opt for soft pink and gold glitters and add the glitter polish to the bottom of your nails and fade it up for a subtle glitzy effect.

Playful prints

Leopard and tortoiseshell nails were huge in 2020 and if you are an animal print lover don’t worry; feisty prints are still here to stay. For a fresh take this spring, change it up to new animal prints including zebra and giraffe inspired patterns to give your nails a wild look.

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