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Gel nail art: latest Instagram trends

Instagram is becoming more and more of a hub for innovative and exciting nail art ideas. It is full of artists and beauty addicts who are keen to explore latest trends and create new ones, so it's essential for every nail art professional to stay up to date with online trends in order not to miss the newest offers on the market. So what are the top gel nails trends we can get from this social network? 

1. Marble effect

Among the most interesting trends we can find are marble effect nails. These sophisticated designs are applied in a really extraordinary way to achieve this effect. They have asymmetrical, casual streaks based on contrasting colours. Light grey or slightly darker chrome nails work wonderfully with this. The colours will be worked like a precious stone, until the nails really resemble a marble pattern.

This nail look is great for all styles - it is ideal for the period between autumn and spring too! 

2. Metal effect

As summer draws nearer, metal nails are the perfect match for your glowing tan!

This look is created using colourful gel polish with a 3D, extra brilliant texture. The perfect metal finish is obtained using greens, light pinks and, of course, the classics: gold and silver. A real must for the summer to show off your tan!

3. Boho-chic

Boho-chic looks are a huge trend everywhere, from the catwalks to indie designer platforms. Gel nail art is no exception to this. And with summer coming up, floral hippie looks are ideal. So go wild with glittery designs, especially ones which are stylised and symbolic. Enrich them by applying rhinestones which fit with the designs themselves. Among the most beautiful ones are those with a white matte bottom coat and golden triangles, which you can match with golden rings for a queenly look.

With chroma gel you can create all sorts of interesting designs, with a myriad of light reflections and a wide palette of colour shades. Browse our range today.

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