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Get marble nails in 5 easy steps

It seems like just about everyone is a pro nail artist on Instagram these days and the looks they are creating seem to be getting more intriguing by the day. One of the most glamorous and luxurious trends of the summer has undoubtedly been the marble nail. While the design looks difficult to master, it is actually a surprisingly easy style to achieve. To achieve this look for your clients you will need the following:

• Base coat
• White polish
• Black or grey polish
• Top coat
• Nail polish remover or acetone 
• Q-tip cotton buds
• Tooth pick
• Dish with room temperature water (make sure it is an easily cleaned material like glass)
• Sticky tape

When you have your equipment all set up it's time to begin!

Step 1

Apply your base coat to your client's nails to make sure the nails are smooth for the polish.

Step 2

Now, apply 2 or 3 coats of the white nail polish to the nails. Make sure that the colour is as bright and solid as possible while making sure that the polish is completely dried before continuing to the next step.

Step 3

Get your dish filled with room-temperature water and drop white and black nail polishes into the centre of the water. It is best to start with the white, then directly on top of it, drop black polish in. When you have added both black and white polish drops you should have a design which resembles a target shape, with 4 or 5 black and white circles. When this has been achieved, use the toothpick to pull the circles into a marble design.

Step 4

Put the sticky tape around your client's finger just below the cuticle and nail, then carefully dip their finger directly onto the polish in the water and let it dry. Repeat this process for all nails you wish the design to be on.

Step 5

Once dried, remove the sticky tape from around each finger and carefully remove the excess polish on the customer's skin using the q-tips and nail polish remover. Finish off the look by using a good top coat to seal and protect your fabulous new design.

For more tips on gel polish nail art trends, check back to our blog for regular updates. Or to get our signature chrome nails look for your salon, visit our store

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