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Get on Instagram to grow your business

While most businesses could benefit from a Facebook page and lots find custom and networking opportunities on Twitter, Instagram can be more of a minefield. The visual nature of the network means it's better suited to some types of business than others - but nail bars and beauty salons are sure to prosper.

The best thing about having an Instagram account to promote your business is that you've got content ready-made - your nail designs.

Beauty and fashion are huge trends in the world of Instagram, and thousands of accounts are already sharing information about the latest trends in gel nails and how to achieve new and innovative looks. By using hashtags that are already in heavy use, like #nailart, #nailjunkie and #nailgasm, you can reach new audiences and grow your following.

It's also worth taking a look at some local hashtags, such as #sheffieldissuper, #lincolnshirehour and #connectingessex. Lots of people use these hashtags to find out about what's going on locally, and you may also find you increase traffic from other local business owners who use the hashtag.

It's not just about finding new customers, however. Instagram can also be a great way to interact with existing customers and clients. By keeping them up to date with your latest designs, offers and news, you might entice them to come in more often or on an occasion that they hadn't planned to do so.

Offers that are unique to Instagram could also increase brand loyalty - offer a discount for anyone who re-posts a certain picture, for instance, or run competitions which are exclusive to the platform. You can even use it to communicate more mundane things, like Christmas opening hours or unexpected closures.

You can also share information about the products and techniques that you use; Chroma Gel is a high-end product that's sure to impress, and shouting about it on social media could be a great way to build followers. Take a look at our products, including gel polish, no wipe top coat and chrome nails to see how we could help to boost business.

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