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Get to know the new nude nail trend

Proving to be one of the most popular nail requests from clients, nude nails are never going out of fashion. And for those who are looking for a nail style that will take them from the office to a glam night out, they’re perfect for every type of look. We’ve even seen them creep into sophisticated affairs such as the races, weddings and black tie balls. However, the nude trend has somewhat grown up in recent times. Read on and find out everything you need to know about the new nude nail trend so that you can give your clients an updated look.

Foundation nails are a favourite

Heard of the foundation nail look? This is one of the most popular new nude trends and one which is highly flattering for the hands and fingers. Rather than opting for a peachy tone which is common with many nude varnishes, the foundation trend is about matching varnish to your client's complexion as closely as possible. The result? Sophisticated, subtle nails that lengthen the look of their fingers and will go with every outfit. This look is about quality and detail, so make sure to opt for gel polish or gel nails for the best results. A no wipe top coat will also keep them looking pristine at all times.

Full matte is fashion

If your clients want a truly modern nude nail look, make sure to stick to matte nails rather than gloss as it will look more edgy and fashion-forward. Whether they decide on a matte nail varnish, or a matte top-coat to finish their look, the key to achieving this look is making sure that their nails look clean. Again, gel nails are an ideal way to rock this look as they will look healthy and strong. Matte nails can easily look dry or flake, so it’s important to protect your clients' nails as much as possible. Perhaps try some moisture-rich nail treatments before you apply gel nails.

Go completely naked

This new nude nail takes nude literally eliminates colour completely. This style is about debuting healthy nails and is about enhancing what your clients already have for a look that oozes polished, effortless chic. Nail primers, oils and cuticle creams will help their nails look strong and healthy, whilst a glossy or matte top coat will keep their nail colour looking fresh. If they have damaged nails, a natural manicured gel nail will make a great substitute.

Add a creative touch

Nude nails have been getting playful, with this year's catwalks debuting foundation and bare nails with fun details and illustrations on the tips, cuticles or on a single nail (usually the ring finger). Get creative and add letters, shapes or studs to your clients' nude nails. Or for the more adventurous, a single chrome nail can look great.

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